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Meet the Mermaids of Oklahoma

Mermaid Montana

Mermaid Montana, the Iron Shore Mermaid, swims all the way from Oklahoma to the shores of Roatan, Honduras. There she has worked with the Roatan Marine Park to promote their coral conservation program and educate humans about what they can do to help protect our coral reefs. She's always loved ocean life and even graduated from college with a degree in Zoology so she can teach people about her animal friends! She also teaches swim lessons to kiddos when she has human legs. Montana loves using her mermaid magic to inspire young humans to follow their dreams and encourage them to learn something new every day!

Montana 3.jpeg

Mermaid Megan

Mermaid Megan has swam many places from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico and in between! While she prefers saltwater, she loves staying inland to meet new humans and educate them about keeping the waterways she calls home clean. When Megan was little, she wanted to work at an aquarium, but as she got older (and needed help with her clumsy human legs) she found another passion - Megan loves to dance and teaches dance lessons when she’s got legs, but her mermaid secret isn’t much of a secret! That’s why her students say, “Miss Megan is a mermaid!”

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