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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you swim?

Yes! Our mermaids swim - we are PADI Freedive & Rescue Diver certified and have experience swimming in pools, lakes, ocean, and aquarium exhibits with reef fish, sharks, and stingrays! In fact, we're the only company in Oklahoma with 100% exhibit-trained, scuba dive, and freedive certified mermaids! During a party or swim event, your mermaid will be in the water performing tricks, mermaid races, diving for treasure, and more - so you get the most realistic mermaid experience in the state of Oklahoma!

How do you breathe?

Mermaids are mammals, just like you! We breathe like dolphins do - we take a breath at the surface and hold our breath for a long time! Please do not attempt the breath holds or tricks you see us perform without proper training - our freedive & scuba dive training helps us to do what we do safely!

Do you have an on-site location or do you come to me?

We swim to you! Please include the location of your venue in your inquiry. If you don't see an event package that fits what you have in mind, send us an email and we can create a custom event that fits your needs!

Do you perform at public events?

Yes! We often appear at events that are open to the public. Follow our Facebook page for updates about where you can see us next!

Do I have to have a pool for you at my event?

No! We also perform at dry events. We love playing games and doing meet & greets, which don't need any water at all! If you do want a pool, you can add on a deluxe backdrop package that includes a small pool for photos (please note this requires a longer booking time to allow for set up and tear down. Please contact us to confirm availability before booking.)

Are you hiring?

We are not currently looking for new performers. Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook pages as that will be where we'll post jobs first! If you want to become a mermaid, we recommend strengthening your swimming skills and looking into further training.

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